Sermon Wilfred - Behind Covid-19 e 5G

What is behind Covid-19?

Corona virus is already known for a very long time and present in colds and flues. The present Covid-19 is a mutant corona virus, one says from bats or cats. Due to infection from the blood or defecation during slaughtering at the market, so that it rapidly spread. It is hardly to prove that this occurred on purpose. People on earth do not need to be surprised because the last book of the Bible, Revelation, reveals clearly what is going to happen in these last days. 2000 years ago God informed the apostle John what will happen in the final time. These things people are clearly seeing to fulfill. With the Covid-19 governors and majors are disobedient to higher authorities and presidents, they even think that they know more than doctors. Doctors of hospitals are ordered by their directors to write down the cause of death due to Covid-19, although the cause is another. Very strange that there is a lot of building material to build emergency hospitals, there are sufficient tubing and other construction material, enough beds, mattresses, sheets and pillows, but INSUFFICIENT respirators. So this was long plan ago to have sufficient stock in order to gain money. But to let people die of the Covid-19. Also the lock down was well planned in order to install the 5G antennas and in order to terrorize people to stay at home. Besides that the Covid-19 is killing many persons (but strangely enough the total numbers of death is 8-15% more and not the double), many are killing themselves because they cannot cope to stay at home. The domestic violence is increasing. One cannot cope with staying at home and the lock down. And democratic and communistic leaders use the lock down to destroy employment and families. The work behind the scenes of satan which wants to destroy the human race, feeding a group of persons who wishes to create a super human race.

Why is 5G so important for the software industry?

The OS software company (man and wife) is the large founders of the WHO. What has software to do with WHO. You may say that is charity. But is it? They are building seven factories to produce vaccines. This vaccine seems to change the DNA of humans. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that the person in the Great Tribulation CANNOT UNDO the mark 666 of the Beast. He or her DNA has changed. No longer the body, soul and spirit of God, man is created in Gods image, but his or her DNA is changed to that of the Beast, which cannot be undone.
This company has also gained the patent to virtual money which persons gain by work provided through the computer. The 5G provides a very huge data stream. Capable to drive cars, buses and trains without drivers. To plant and harvest. So there is no need for human beings. Computers are stupid machines, the only thing they can do is calculate 0 + 0 = 0 and 0 + 1 =1. Due to there speed they can access that information very fast. That can consult data very fast, in no time a huge database. But if the answer is NOT in their database, it remains WITHOUT an answer. Only humans are able to solve this kind of problems, therefore humans have to be connected to supercomputers. This is done through measuring the alpha, beta, delta, gamma and radio magnetic radiation in the brains. By measuring the pulse and blood streams the computer knows that the person is not lying. For that all is 5G necessary, which is a very high frequency (in the 5GHz range).

What is the danger of 5G?

But doctors and test in laboratory have already proven that 5G and higher causes cancer and kills. The wavelength is similar to the wavelength in the micro-oven, so it is like having you head in front of the micro-oven while in operation.
It is very dangerous for children. The adult skull is formed and fixed and give SOME protection, but not full. The babies and child skull upto 6 years is not completely hardened, and these wavelength enter the child skull with danger. 30 years ago I was studying for my engineering and then it was already found the danger of the 50Hz High Power Line and was decided that apartments and house had to be broken down within a range of 1km (0.7 miles). Now 5G mobile and all equipped with 5G are operating in 5GHz, 109 higher frequency. For example if you beat your head at a 50Hz, now you will beat 109 faster. Surprise that this will cause cancer?

These are facts. You can for yourself investigate the Internet, there is lot written about 5G.

Since these are facts, we KNOW we are approaching the final time and the Great Tribulation. NOW is it the time to make your decision for Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. If you has to make that decision in the Great Tribulation, that will be very hard and possible ends with your death. Once decide to accept the mark, your DNA will change and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to reverse and change your decision for God. Now you are still offered the opportunity to be taken at the Rapture of the Church to Heaven. After the Rapture of the Church, that way is DEFINITELY CLOSED. The only way might be to the New Earth, but that will be a very taugh decision and a lot of resistance to satan, pain, hunger and thirst. Now is the time to decide.