Sermon 5 Wilfred - You have accepted Jesus as Savior and now?

You have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, but what does that mean? In this preaching I want to explain what it means to be a Christian. Does the Christian life give obligations? Why does John the Baptist call you confess and repent?

The fact that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior means that you have received the Holy Spirit Who made a dwelling in you. He is your guarantee of eternal life with God, we read in Ephesians 1:13-14. You are reborn, you are born again. You have become a child of God the Father, with Whom you may communicate. The Holy Spirit is the power to say no to sin, but it is up to you to use that power. That is a completely voluntary thing, just as Adam had the completely free choice to say NO not to eat the forbidden fruit. Jesus resisted all temptations in His daily life on earth, all the challenges of satan. They were daily decisions. So it is entirely up to you to say daily NO to sin, and IMMEDIATELY confess sin and ask for forgiveness when you have sinned. Do that immediately after you are aware of it. Failing to acknowledge guilt, grieve the Holy Spirit, Ephesians 4:30, and if you persist in sinning then the Holy Spirit warns you NO MORE FOR SINS and you extinguish the Spirit, 1 Thessalonians 5:19, with all consequences for your spiritual life and possibly your life in Heaven.

What is sin?

Sin is all that God has forbidden and goes against the Will of God. We see clear examples throughout the Old Testament. The rebellion of the Israeli people after their Exodus from Egypt. The worship of the golden calf. The complaining about meat and water. Not wishing to conquer the Promised Land. The adultery of King David, his multiple wives, the counting of the population. The non-punishment of the rape by his son, who raped his half sister. King Solomon who violated the wealth of foreign women and started serving their idols. Clear examples of their infidelities to God. And God's punishment did not forthcoming, the people stayed in the wilderness for 40 years, the kingship was taken away, the people were banished from the Promised Land. All this as an example for the Christian to remain faithful to God and not to return to life in the world and to sin.

After you come to faith, you begin to read the Bible. My advice is start with the New Testament and read until Revelation, and then start again with Matthew. If you are curious about the future, read Revelation which describes what will happen soon and everything in the 7 years of Great Tribulation.
The Bible shows you what sin is, and how to live to the glory and honor of God, who has just given you eternal life and forgiveness of sin, it is important to acknowledge sin. Your life can be light, for example having only read horoscopes or reading cards, or other ways to know the future. But these must be confessed. King Saul committed gross sin to know the future with the medium, his destiny was death. It is a bond with satan and demons, from which you must be delivered through confession of guilt, even though it was not then conscious. Let me give an example, at a later age I had to free myself, BECAUSE my mother told me that she had consulted an iriscopist to know my illnesses. That was a bondage I had to confess and break. It was at that time a revelation of the connection with the powers of darkness, which was confessed through my prayer and broken in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Others have a tough past through alcohol addiction, drugs, suicide attempt, sexual abuse, incest, theft, murder, worship of satan and demons, practicing sorcery, macumba, and so on. Sometimes people are not aware of it because it plays in a family context or in the family's past. If you experience problems in your spiritual life with Bible reading and prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the cause if you do not know what the bond is.

The Holy Spirit goes step by step with everyone personally. One goes very quickly in the revelation of sin and is able to come to quick confession of sin. The other is slow because the new believer can confess his or her sin step by step depending on his or her capacity. Do not worry, God knows you and knows what you can and cannot doand what is necessary. However, when revealed your sin, it is up to you to ask for forgiveness. King David had to admit guilt several times.

What does the Christian life entail?

1 Peter 2:9

That is very heavy. You have become a child of God and now you belong to a royal priesthood. BUT that gives obligations, just as a prince and king should be an example to the people, so the born-again believer is called to live a life as EXAMPLE to unbelievers. Let me start with Deuteronomy 17:14-20 in which the rules of the conducts for a king are given.

That is clear language, it is your obligation to read the Bible daily, study and practice the Words of God diligently and actively. You can find an explanation of God's Word in Bible study groups, an adult Christian brother, (or if you are a woman, you can ask an adult sister in Christ), in Bible comments and or the Internet (you need to test the explanation to other Bible texts in their connection, do not accept it indiscriminately) and on this website.
Beware of the many women staed in this text, that was the custom for kings at that time, while God clearly commanded ONLY to marry within the Israeli people and NOT to foreign women. God commands the MONOGAME marriage. And this rule also applies to the believer. NO WRONG, NO WEDDING WITH AN INCREDIBLE OR UNEQUAL IN FAITH. 2 Corinthians 6:14 DO NOT MATCH MISMATED WITH UNBELIEVERS. That also means no courtship or marriage with a partner who is unequal in faith, for example a Jehovah witness, Mormon, person who worships images (R.K.).

It is your way of life that should reflect that you are a child of the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father. At the beginning of 2019 I already announced the impropriety of going to church with frayed jeans. Now a year later this is confirmed by a pastor in Belo Horizonte in Brazil. And he is enormously attacked by his fellow pastors. At the beginning of 2020 there are huge rainfalls in Belo Horizonte, tens of deaths, houses washed away, roads under meters of water. More intense than ever. His prayer was why, Lord? He received the answer in a prophecy. The churches no longer preach sin, everything is allowed, the churches are lit with disco lamps, people visit my temple (= church) in frayed clothing, there is no respect anymore for ME and My Word, the churches preach that everything is allowed, enrich themselves with the many openings of large luxury churches with luxury seats and which look more like a disco than a holy place where people meet God. The believers are selfish and do not care Matthew 24 and 25. Their preaching is a preaching without confessing and repentence, without a spiritual life, which lead people into the lake of fire. These disasters will spread throughout Brazil if pastors and believers do NOT repent. Look at John the Baptist who proclaimed confessing of sin and repentance of a daily walk of life in the world. My Son Jesus clearly spoke about sinful man. He was crucified because the people were expecting bread from Him (the feeding of the 4000 and 5000), they wished Him as king, savior of the Roman occupier. But rejected Him when He cleansed the temple and turned over the tables of the sellers who made usury profits with the sale of temple sacrifices.
Today it is no different, one does NOT want to know a Jesus who points to sin, the need for repentance, keeping God's precepts, the conversion of worldly life into a royal priesthood. Today the pastors proclaim "everything is lawful, one is free by the blood of Jesus to do everything", they themselves preach in (frayed) jeans, dressed unworthy God.

Please let us take this prophecy to heart. God is a consuming fire (Exodus 24:17, Hebrews 12:29). God is righteous, He cannot tolerate sin. A criminal who commits theft, murders and is acquitted by the judge because he or she grew up in an unloving family, is not how GOD acts. Regardless of his or her past, God punishes for transgression, that is EVERY sin. A criminal must receive instruction in prison, prepared for his return to society. Yes, it is sometimes hard to find a job after imprisonment. Many return to the easy life of stealing. Let your life be a life of perseverance. Do not return to worldly life, which is oh so easy, but, like the criminal, a return to prison, an eternal life in the lake of fire. Persists in a Christian testimony and eternal life in Heaven. Every person has to make multiple choices for or against God every day, let our choice be the right one.